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Important information about aftermarket parts and coverage

Tech Bros offers aftermarket parts in addition to Genuine Apple parts. This section covers important information regarding the use of aftermarket parts.

Why choose aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by a third party and designed to replace the original part with adequate fit and function at a much more affordable price point. They may not perfectly match or function with the same performance that Apple has engineered their Genuine Parts.

Tech Bros sources all aftermarket parts from a reliable distributor based in the United States. Parts are tested for proper functionality and post-repair diagnostics are run at the end of each repair to ensure your device is returned in fully functioning condition. Aftermarket parts are covered by our 90-day limited warranty.

The use of certain aftermarket parts will result in a notification within Settings that the device is unable to verify the part is Genuine. This is expected and does not affect your ability to use the device normally. 


If using aftermarket display parts, the following might occur:

Multi-Touch issues

  • Multi-Touch might not respond on parts of the screen

  • Degraded Multi-Touch performance, such as missed screen touches or touches not registering in the right location

  • Touches might unexpectedly register during a phone call

  • Display might not turn off during phone calls

  • Accidental edge or palm touches might register

Display brightness and color issues

  • True Tone display doesn't function correctly

  • Lost or degraded function of the ambient light sensor, causing the screen to dim or brighten incorrectly

  • Incorrect display color calibration, such as the display to appearing too yellow or blue

  • Display isn't uniformly bright

  • Lower maximum brightness

  • Unintentional battery drain


If using aftermarket parts by unqualified technicians, the replacement battery might be:

  • Poorly designed or manufactured

  • A previously used battery

  • A damaged battery

  • An incorrect battery for your iPhone model

Any of the above could lead to insufficient battery capacity, improper fit, or performance issues. Using nongenuine batteries might also result in unexpected behavior after installation, device software updates, or while charging.


If aftermarket camera parts, the following might occur unexpectedly:

  • Camera does not focus correctly or images are not sharp

  • When using Portrait mode, the subject might not be in focus or only partially in focus

  • A 3rd-party app that uses the camera might freeze or quit unexpectedly

  • Real-time preview in 3rd-party apps might appear blank or might get stuck

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